[ANNOUNCEMENT] A PINK Will Release 1st Full Album “UNE ANNE” On May 9th

@ACUBE2011: 여러분 많이 기다리셨죠??^^ 드디어 에이핑크가 5월9일에 첫 번째 정규앨범 “UNE ANNEE(위 아네)”의 음원을 공개합니다~!!! 기대 많이 해주세요~^^

[TRANS] ACUBE_JAPAN: Thank you for waiting! ! Please expect ♪ A PINK – Finally the 1st album “UNE ANNEE” will be published on May 9!

Terima kasih untuk menunggu! Tolong harapkan A PINK – Akhirnya album pertama “UNNE ANNEE” yang akan dirilis pada 9 Mei!


English translation by @Apinktown

Indonesian translation by APINKTOPIA and INDOCUBETOPIA