[BTS] A PINK News Season 2 Behind The Scene Video (18 Cuts)

E01 – A Pink’s Commitment


Episode 1 – Eunji & Yookyung Anchor NG Filming

E02 – The Real My My MV Filming

E02 – Maknaes in Hotel Room at Japan

E03 – Bomi’s Pang Pang TV with Maknaes

E03 – Prepare for live performance in Japan

E04 – Tongue Twister Game

E04 – Chorong & Bomi Rode a Horse

E05 – Bomi’s Pang Pang Radio

E05 – Practice Room CCTV

E06 – Food preparation

E06 – Bomi & Yookyung Anchor NG Filming

E07 – Namjoo dances to ‘I Don’t Need a Man’

E07 – Food Party in Bus

E08 – Hidden Camera!!!

E08 – Dine and Dash

E09 – Volunteer Work

Episode 09 – Dance to Trouble Maker

via @apinkspazzer shared by APINKTOPIA


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