[WAGLE] 120505 A PINK Eunji’s Wagle Update “Excited Excited”

Children Please be safe and be alert! Apink!

“Anak-anak tolong berhati-hati dan waspada! Apink!”

A present bought for me hehehe kyaaaa excited excited heheheeheh Even though i can’t use it frequently….though…heheh love it hehehe

“Sebuah hadiah yang dibelikan untukku hehehe kyaaaa seneng seneng heheheeheh walaupun aku ga bisa sering-sering memakainya….. walaupun… heheh aku suka hehehe”

Credit Pic: Eunji’s Wagle +  @DCgrjej

English translation by @Apinktown

Indonesian translation and RE-UP by APINKTOPIA and INDOCUBETOPIA


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